Nanaay's LNT Bakery

Grocery - Bakery - HlGaagilda Skidegate

The only thing better than the smell of baking bread is biting into a warm piece of it. That’s why Nanaay’s LNT Bakery bakes a fresh supply every day, so you can enjoy it at its peak of flavour. 

Nanaay’s LNT Bakery uses wholesome, natural ingredients in every loaf of white, wheat and 7-grain bread or bun, each batch of gooey sweet cinnamon buns, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts and delicious pizza dough, plus the touch of a grandmother’s love to create the best artisan baking on Haida Gwaii. Nanaay’s Bakery products are available directly from baker Gail Russ. Special orders are welcome.

Cash Only Haida Owned & Operated LHG

472 Skidegate Hts  
Skidegate, BC, V0T 1S1