The Edge Fishing Charters

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The Edge Fishing Charters enables clients to see and experience the beauty of Haida Gwaii from the ocean. They provide day-long fishing charters with an experienced Haida guide. With great attention to detail, the Edge Fishing Charters also provides a tasty and nutritious lunch for each client aboard their boat.

Owners Gary and Gail Russ like dealing with people and enjoy working with the visitors and locals that access their charter business. There was a need for guided fishing charters in Haida Gwaii as the island receives many visitors every year and the Edge Fishing Charters provides an opportunity to show visitors the true marine beauty of Haida Gwaii.

Gail is proud of the Edge Fishing Charters and that she is able to provide clients with a unique and memorable experience out on the Pacific Ocean.

Haida Owned & Operated LHG

472 Skidegate Hts  
Skidegate, BC, V0T 1S1